Under International Law, No One has to Pay Taxes…

Overseas Trust Funds, Overseas Payment Processors, Foreign Tax ID’s, and Foreign Crypto-currency Accounts – That’s why the Rich Say Only the Little People Pay Taxes!

Ronald Reagan was almost always too kind. The techno-crats funded by the Fat Cats intentionally make taxes and regulations too complicated to make the middle-class and poor suffer. Government wants to grow to keep you dependent in a cradle-to-grave socialist circus. They want poverty, crime, and war, but they will never confess, so you must rise up.

The Federal Reserve, which creates more money electronically, or as paper and coins, is believed to be $20 trillion in debt, with no hope of getting out of debt. The most common commercials on radio and TV are tax lawyers offering tax bankruptcy and programs, where in the rare event you are audited (remember, everything is a crap shoot, the IRS cannot control a country of over 300 million people, and they have been laying off IRS agents since 2012) you can easily qualify for forgiveness of tax debt.

But in the rare event you are hit-up with penalties and interest, you will qualify for an insurance settlement here. Call it an anti-charity for the very few, with a massive tax revolt where all the auditors go home, and you keep what you need to survive, knowing you don’t want your non-tax-paying competition to put you on the streets with no tax benefits.

What about government services? What happens to them?

Privatization and Self-governance Happens by Fiat and/or Legislation. People get the Government they Deserve or the Lack Thereof if they don’t Micro-lobby Congress for one Bill

One simple, short bill to privatize everything quickly and end the conflict. It transcends from federal government down to local government, in compliance with state’s rights in the tenth amendment. Give the transformed public sector autonomy and education, they probably already know a lot. A short bill, no ear-marks of poison pills, to avoid chaos and a potential coup d’etat or bloody civil war. There is a 5 or 6 faceted way the former public sector branches can privatize what they do:

  1. Fees and fines (optional)
  2. Donations
  3. Sell advertising
  4. Gambling
  5. Extra-curricular goods and services
  6. Stock market portfolios, annuities, etc.

See https://www.InvestorCommune.com and https://www.PandaBusters.com on how diversification of income, based on the stock market and MLM’s can better ensure prosperity with little effort for the many of you who want to be self-employed but don’t think you can find customers. Stereotypical government responsibilities become more important in a quicker downsizing of the government, I will show you how to do what you want to do, before money for goods and services, and ownership of property become obsolete because of robotics. A tax revolt, once complete and final with the death of the IRS and other taxes under domestic law (eg. tariffs), and the end of the Federal Reserve, the IMF and WTO, means better, friendlier, cheaper service, versus what is expensive, belligerent, and counter-productive, with a public sector that is slowly dying. But many people are dying in a world with crime, homelessness, and unemployment and under-employment through the roof.

Working for the IRS is dangerous work. An agent was hung in Kentucky recently, believed to be too involved in investigating a crystal meth lab, possibly assisted by corrupt local law enforcement. There has been a reduction of IRS agents since 2012, as they anticipate a future’s market where they bring in less as a ratio to what they demand in salary. IRS auditors are usually accountants and CPA’s who have among the lowest unemployment rates of any profession, and acknowledge, especially under the more conservative Trump administration, they can work for more money with a decreasing cost of living in the private sector. But privatizing EDD is critical now to help these agents just in case there are some who cannot find work right way.

With the death of taxation, we will do better than we did in Reagan days, with not only a collapse in the misery index:

1. much lower unemployment

2. lower inflation

3. lower interest rates

but a red-hot economy, and that, of course, means:

4. higher income

5. better benefits

6. better working conditions

7. more loans for people with bad credit

especially good for workers, and non workers who will benefit from more insurance and charity from the higher economic surplus. Reagan represented the little guy and the little gal, and actually under-sold the perfection that is supply side economics, while the opposition only exists to over-tax and over-regulate the middle class and poor to help the rich, who have drastic fluctuations in income and are always paranoid they will be poor or in debt, kill competition, while fooling many, even Republican voters, into believing there is a progressive tax system which never existed and never will. Read “Fat Cats and Democrats” by Domhoff to prove my point. Money controls the politicians, not votes. You don’t want to look naive and foolish, especially after the great implosion, and repeat the mistakes of people from history who always replace one bad system with something worse.

There is technology now where you don’t need people, so if it serves us, as people are going to have to be more responsible, man-machine-duality with be so much more productive. Some say you have to have losers to have winners, that there is a sacrifice for everything, call it “conservation of energy”. But a tax revolt with all kinds of improving future-shock technology means more people will be happy and productive, rather than unemployed and miserable. There will be higher energy levels, people and machines working smarter, not harder. You win, I win, nothing requires a sacrifice.

Be part of a worldwide tax revolt and contribute to the tax audit insurance pool at . Micro-lobby now and work with others to let your legislature, anywhere in the world, know privatization is an emergency priority, otherwise (because I think most countries will become tax-less republics, you can privatize the politicians and they won’t be so hated) let them know they will surely lose elections, in the rare cases where votes are not controlled by the Fat Cats.

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