Insurance Against Tax Audits

Donate what ever amount you want to a treasury where anyone, according to the Tax Audit Claims Adjustment Forum and it’s ratings and votes, decides there is evidence someone lost money in a tax audit. You will win a full or partial insurance settlement. The process works month to month, and eligible recipients will be compensated by the 15th of the following month. If there are no eligible recipients, there will be a roll over effect where future recipients earn more. If there are no eligible recipients after three months of donations, those who lost money retroactively (lost money in a tax audit before the concept here was established, June 1, 2018) are eligible for a settlement based on the same criteria. This is critical as the real goal is to get the IRS to end all audits. will retain 7.5% of all donations/voluntary insurance premium contributions to help pay for labor, such as management of those of you, at the forum, who are not only claims adjusters, but could be the insured as well. The top 3 claims adjusters, based on total votes cast, will win the three prizes below, just like the donors. 100% legal and it will never be made illegal, otherwise operations will be moved to friendly countries, even a boat with satellite Internet service. The top three donors, for any month, will receive the following:

The first place winner will get a free lifetime membership as a seller at,  a $400/month value!

The second place winner will get get a free $49.95/month membership for life at

The third place winner will get a $9.95/month free lifetime membership at

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